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Networking Solutions

The demand for secure and reliable networking solutions has never been greater than for today's businesses. The amount and type of data passed through today's business networks creates substantial security concerns for any organizational size. Let us create a safe, reliable and affordable networking solution for your business networking needs.  Our training, skills and tools allow us to build networking environments that meet even the most stringent requirements, including the medical and financial industries.


Solutions that meet your Information Technology needs

Sound Computing Solutions offers custom IT solutions to fit the needs of small to medium sized businesses.  We can provide either one time assistance or on-going support without an up-front contract and expensive management fees.  We work to find solutions that utilize the most current technologies in today's IT world and integrate those into your existing network.

Support Solutions

Our customers are our first priority.  We tailor support solutions to best fit your individual needs.  Whether it's a quick question, need on-site support or maintenance plans, we can meet your requirements.

Cloud Solutions

The onset of cloud computing has now created beneficial opportunities for small and medium sized businesses. Programs and data once only reserved for large or institutional organizations are now readily available. 

As with most technological advancements, cloud computing is not a total replacement for traditional computing and networks. Rather it is another tool that small to medium sized businesses can use to create faster and more reliable computing environments. 

Consulting Solutions

Reliable, safe and fast networks do not happen by accident.  They require planning and understanding of how business flow is enhanced by technology. As a small business ourselves, we have a unique perspective on how technology works in business environments.  We use the same products and services we sell and recommend to our customers.  This means we understand how your product will impact your business.

Repair Solutions

Do you have computing equipment that needs to be serviced or repaired?  We offer repair solutions including onsite services to fix physically damaged or broken items. Broken or damaged equipment can be repaired where the cost is less than purchasing something new.   We also offer data recovery services and in many cases can recover your data at time of service.

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